When the Supreme Court sided with Alabama businessman Shaun McCutcheon and the Republican National Committee in April and overturned a cap on how much political donors could give every two years, party officials hoped the ruling would help fill their coffers.

So far, the trend line is in their favor -- though the numbers aren’t huge yet.

Since the decision, 310 political donors have doled out $11.6 million more than they could have if the cap was still in place, according to a Post analysis of data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research organization.

Of that, $5.4 million went to party committees. The biggest beneficiary, not surprisingly, has been the RNC itself, which pocketed more than $2 million of the excess contributions. The National Republican Congressional Committee was the second biggest winner, scooping up $1.26 million.

The Democratic National Committee, by comparison, got $525,000. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee received $570,000.

The data, which covered donations made through June and into July, indicates that the parties could enjoy a healthy bump in fundraising this year, assuming the pace of giving continues. But the figures could represent an early spike, as the most motivated donors wrote their checks quickly when the cap was lifted.

For more details about the political donations that have followed the McCutcheon decision, explore the interactive below: