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Kid face plants into an Oval Office couch, Internet goes nuts

President Obama travels with a rotating entourage of staff and security. But there's one person who is almost always on the scene: White House photographer Pete Souza.

Souza trails Obama to events both public and private, snapping photos that are posted to the White House's Flickr feed, then fed out through Twitter and other channels. The outtakes that go viral tend to involve backstage moments with the Obamas, kids, food, cute animals, or some combination of the above. One such photo went out last night.

All presidents have an official photographer. But Souza's relationship with the press has been particularly strained because of the former news photographer's now-exclusive access to some events, and the speed with which social media now allows his photos to rocket around the Internet. The White House Correspondents Association and several media outlets, including the Washington Post, signed a letter protesting White House policy of excluding media from some events, but allowing Souza.

This kid may never live this photo down. But he can rest secure in the knowledge that his face assures he'll stay incognito anyway.