More than a week after launching a sustained attack on his business career, Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn is out with another television ad attacking her GOP opponent, David Perdue.

The ad includes local television news footage of Perdue responding to questions about his stint with Pillowtex Corp., a North Carolina-based company that folded, costing approximately 7,500 jobs. The Nunn campaign has seized on his tenure with the company, during which his campaign says Perdue was responsible for helping the company find third-party firms to handle some services, manufacturing and marketing.

During a 2005 deposition as part of a lawsuit brought by some Pillowtex creditors, Perdue was asked about his experience with outsourcing.

"I spent most of my career doing that," Perdue said in response.

Perdue has dismissed Nunn's attacks as "desperate" and has faulted her campaign for using one sentence from a 186-page deposition out of context.

The ad is Nunn's second to raise concerns about Perdue's business career. A similar TV message released last week also highlighted Perdue's comments in the deposition.

Here's the transcript of the new ad:

ANNOUNCER: David Perdue is defending his career amid an outsourcing report.
David Perdue, the former CEO of Dollar General, acknowledged he spent most of his career moving U.S. jobs overseas.
The attorney asks, can you describe your experience with outsourcing? Perdue responds: “Yeah, I spent most of my career doing that.”
And when asked by reporters how he defends the outsourcing, Perdue doubled down.
PERDUE: Well defend it? I’m proud of it.
ANNOUNCER: David Perdue, he’s not for you.