Senate candidates locked in the final stretch of the midterms are heavily focusing their "closing argument" TV ads on health care and jobs, according to a new report released Tuesday by CMAG.

The numbers notably challenge the notion that health care and the Affordable Care Act have faded as important midterm topics, with about a third of all health-care-related ads focusing specifically on Obamacare itself. It's also worth noting that, taken together, there are nearly twice as many health-care-related spots as those about jobs or unemployment.

Taxes and the environment followed as the third- and fourth most-mentioned, respectively.

The entire report is worth reading (looking at you, political nerds) but what is perhaps most surprising is the sudden drop of international affairs from the top 15 list. Ads related to terrorism have been a steady presence on air since Islamic State militants began making headlines over the summer. Those spots have also had an outsized presence online, where they have received widespread attention owing to their often-controversial imagery.

The authors of the report include an important qualifier on their findings: While the information they've compiled looks at spot counts in absolute numbers, it does not account for overall impressions or the potential viewership of each ad.