President Obama's approval ratings in the final week before the midterm elections are only slightly better than George W. Bush's were at this point in 2006.

Obama's approval rating is 39 percent, according to a new CBS News poll. Bush's approval rating was 34 percent in an October 2006 CBS poll.

That year, Democrats won control of the House and Senate.

The newest Washington Post-ABC News poll, released earlier this week, showed Obama's approval at 43 percent. Bush's was at 37 percent in an October 2006 Post-ABC poll.

But Bush 2006 and Obama 2014 appear to be equally polarizing figures when it comes to political party affiliation, the Post-ABC poll shows. Seventy-six percent of Democrats approve of the job Obama is doing, much like the 77 percent of Republicans who approved of Bush.

Just 11 percent of Republicans approve of Obama. The exact same percentage of Democrats said they approved of Bush in 2006.

Peyton M. Craighill contributed