Here's the good news for Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) and Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.): They were just endorsed by influential local newspapers.

Here's the bad news: On first read, it's hard to tell which candidate in either race these papers like least.

Over on The Fix, Jaime Fuller sums up the Charlotte Observer's endorsement of Hagan and the Staten Island Advance's nod to Grimm.

The Staten Island Advance's money quote about Grimm -- who, quick reminder, they are endorsing here:

"To have Staten Island's congressman under federal indictment has been a black mark on this borough and has made it the laughingstock of the nation."

("There are, on occasion, electoral races in which both candidates are of high quality and high integrity and conduct a tough but fair campaign about the issues," the paper also says. "...The election for the House of Representatives seat in the 11th New York Congressional District is nothing like that.")

The Observer's assessment of Hagan wasn't much kinder:

"She has done about the minimum you'd expect from a U.S. senator, with few if any notable legislative achievements."

This is nothing new, of course: The non-endorsement endorsement is practically a campaign-year staple. Take this sample:

"It has become difficult to define who [Mitt] Romney really is and what he believes. Is he feigning some positions now to win votes?"

Sound like a Rick Santorum stump speech circa 2012? Well, it's not. It comes from a Detroit Free Press endorsement of Romney in the 2012 Republican primary.