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Ain’t no party like a midterm campaign Halloween party! (In 8 photos)

Happy Halloween! Also, happy four-days-before-the-midterm-election day!

All right, the second one is not really a holiday. But with Republicans and Democrats working around the clock for every last vote in the lead up to Tuesday's election, it's a big day in the political world.

And what happens when you combine Halloween and a crucial day of campaigning? This:

Trick or treat! Or campaign flyer?

Quick, how many Halloween references can you fit into one press release? A lot.

Disembodied heads?! We got 'em.

Are you guys registered to vote?

The theme of this party is Star Wars meets Senate Wars.

Sorry, kids I don't have candy. How about a jobs plan?

This year, I'm going as a Democrat in a tough reelection fight:

Wait, what day is it? #Work