Sen. Lindsey Graham's widely reported comments about how white men would do well under his presidency were part of "jokes" that were "taken out of context," his spokesman says.

"Senator Graham is confident the people of South Carolina will judge him based on his record of accomplishment and will also put in its proper perspective these jokes, which were taken out-of-context and delivered in a private roast-type dinner before a well-respected charity in Charleston," said Graham campaign spokesman Tate Zeigler in a Thursday statement.

In audio obtained by CNN and published this week, Graham is heard saying, "White men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency." The South Carolina Republican said he made the comments several weeks back at the Hibernian Society of Charleston, an all-male club.

The senator was also recorded cracking wise about Baptists, saying, "they're the ones who drink and don't admit it." Graham is a Southern Baptist.

Graham is expected to cruise to reelection on Tuesday. He has toyed with the idea of running for president, but isn't generally regarded as a top-tier contender.

Brad Hutto, Graham's Democratic challenger, said in a statement earlier this week that Graham "let his true colors show" in his recorded remarks.