NEW ORLEANS -- On Halloween in Louisiana, it seems fitting to ask, which is scarier? Inebriated, costumed revelers in New Orleans' French Quarter or the incessant barrage of negative ads for Tuesday's U.S. Senate race?

During the Saints game Thursday, fans were treated to a 28-10 victory over the Panthers (talks of playoffs ensued, despite a middling 4-4 record) interrupted by enough nasty, opposition political spots to cause indigestion for days. Often,  two negative ads ran against incumbent three-time Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in a single break.

It should have been a drinking game. Possibly,  it was.

Pain is a common motif.  Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy, a gastroenterologist, warned of Landrieu "forcing Obamacare down our throats." Another ad cautioned that the senator is "Loyal to Obama, Hurting Louisiana."

Humor, other than accidental, is in short supply. One rare exception is a spot for Tea Party challenger Rob Maness  -- "Conservative. Vet. One of us" --  that features the retired Air Force colonel gator wrangling "because Louisiana needs a senator who will stand up to the career politicians and the alligators." Last month, Maness presented a three-foot gator to supporter and fellow hunter Sarah Palin at the Restaurant des Families in Crown Point, La., which serves alligator-stuffed mushrooms with an alligator piquant sauce, yours for $10.

With Maness third in the polls and trailing in this champion bowl of fundraising, at least $40 million so far with little end in sight, the spot lives mostly on YouTube.