LITTLE ROCK — Cabinet members, senior advisers and a long list of loyalists and retainers gathered Friday for an all-day retrospective of Bill Clinton's two terms as president that also crackled with the possibility of another Clinton White House.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Clinton Presidential Center here, the Clinton library scheduled panel discussions on foreign, domestic and economic policy decision-making during the two Clinton terms. The discussion Friday inaugurated a four-day celebration of all things Clinton.

The long weekend is sort of like a destination wedding for Clintonistas past and maybe future. On the schedule after Friday's wonky start are an event highlighting Hillary Rodham Clinton's work on behalf of women and girls, a discussion of how the Clinton library has improved the economic bottom line of Little Rock, a free concert and a barbecue.

The University of Virginia's Miller Center will be releasing a trove of more than 130 oral history interviews with Clinton administration participants later Friday. The project is in collaboration with the Clinton Center, a gleaming modernist glass and steel affair that has anchored an economic revitalization of a formerly blighted waterfront industrial zone.

Neither former president Bill Clinton nor former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was on hand as former national security adviser Sandy Berger and others began an examination of Clinton national security policy Friday. Haitian refugees, North Korean nuclear weapons and Balkan chaos were among the topics at hand Friday morning.

Some of Hillary Clinton's besties were there, however, including Capricia Marshall and Cheryl Mills. Both served both in the Clinton White House and at Hillary Clinton's State Department, and are expected to be part of a 2016 campaign should Clinton mount one.

Berger put the task of any White House in coping with fast-moving world events in colorful context. Being national security adviser, Berger said, "is like riding on the elephant and then having to clean up after the elephant when you're done."