International reporters try for a glimpse of Jimbelung, a 2-year-old koala bear, at the G-20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, on Nov. 16, 2014. (David Nakamura/TWP)

BRISBANE, Australia -- There are many subplots at an international summit. But one thing reporters seemed to agree on here at the G-20 Summit was the news value of Jimbelung, a 2-year-old koala.

On Sunday, Jimbelung made her debut at the media filing center, surrounded by reporters from several countries trying to get a glimpse. A day earlier, she and another koala posed with world leaders including President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jimbelung, who munched eucalyptus while reporters snapped her photo, is doing her part for international relations: She will be sent from a wildlife park here to Japan as a gift. The animal's handler said Jimbelung, which means "friend," was too tired after her bilateral photo-ops with Putin and Obama to pose for pictures with the reporters. But she made an exception when the premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, showed up, according to a White House pool report.