BRISBANE, Australia -- At an international summit, the media is hungry for news, but most of the meetings are held in private. The press is let in only for a few moments at the beginning or the end in what is known as a "pool spray." Sometimes the world leaders say a few words; other times, they pretend not to notice the reporters and keep interacting in a stilted way as photographers shoot pictures and video and reporters take note of the body language and try to overhear snippets of private conversations.

Then there are the scrums that get a bit chaotic and the world leaders can't help but react to what they are seeing. Like in the case of the meeting Sunday between President Obama and seven European leaders, including Britain's David Cameron and Germany's Angela Merkel. Watch as they react to the maelstrom and White House aides attempt to gain control of the scene. At the 1:24 mark in the video, Obama points at a camerawoman and signals for her to leave. The tall guy holding a coffee cup who steps in front to block the shot at 1:39 is 6-f0ot-8 Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director and frequent Obama golfing partner.

"The pictures aren't going to get any better folks," Obama says at one point. Watch: