Eric Garner's widow said Sunday that her husband was "murdered unjustly" when a police officer placed him in a chokehold during an arrest attempt.

Speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," Esaw Garner said police were long familiar with her husband and his efforts to sell cigarettes for cash.

"They harassed us," Esaw said. "They said things to us … ‘Hi, cigarette man. Hey, cigarette man wife.’ And I would just say, ‘Eric, just keep walking, don’t say anything, don’t respond. Don’t give them a reason to do anything to you.’”

Esaw said that she urged her husband to find another occupation but that he questioned whether he could do anything else.

“He tried working with the parks department, but he had asthma," she said. "He had issues — you know, heavy guy, and he was very lazy. He didn’t like to do anything. He wasn’t used to it.”

Esaw acknowledged that her husband had a checkered history with the law and served 2½ years in jail. But she insisted that he "never, not once, ever resisted arrest."

Esaw said she is still hoping for a day in court, even though a grand jury recently decided not to indict the officer who choked her husband.

"I think it would only be right, not only for my husband, but for all the other young men and women," she said, adding that she now worries about her two sons.  "I’m so afraid of what could happen to them in the street by the police."