Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal used lots of “ifs” to discuss his 2016 presidential ambitions on "Fox News Sunday" – as in, “If I were to decide to run … ”

Jindal gave nothing away during the interview with Chris Wallace, despite the host’s attempts to determine whether the governor was in or out for the 2016 race.

At one point, Wallace cited to Jindal recent opinion polls showing Jeb Bush leading the field of potential Republican candidates, noting that Jindal came in 11th place, with 2.8 percent of those polled picking him.

“Realistically,” Wallace asked, “how do you come from so far behind?”

Jindal was unfazed.

“Chris, look, if I were to decide to run it wouldn't be about poll numbers,” Jindal said. “I was at less than two percent when I first ran for governor, I was within the margin of error.”

Jindal mentioned that he’s got a unique perspective — “if I were to decide to run.” He noted how he and his family have lived the American dream and taken on big challenges.

“I think the American people are looking for big change in Washington, D.C., not small change, big change,” he said.

He noted that “this election is going to be about big ideas and big change.”

And Jindal said he has big ideas and wants to see big change.

The unanswered question was whether he wanted to try doing that as president — if he were to decide to run.