President Obama has a message for all the "weekend warriors": get health insurance.

Obama is doing three radio appearances in the next few days, urging people to get health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act ahead of the Dec. 15 enrollment deadline.

His first stop was ESPN Radio's "The Herd" with Collin Cowherd. The president will also speak with a Raleigh, N.C., radio station Friday and "On Air" with Ryan Seacrest Monday.

The president, speaking to his favorite media outlet, told all the "weekend warriors" that playing basketball became a bit rough for him after he turned 40 (he's now 53, and plays a lot more golf instead.)

"You don't want to not have health care and have something broken or something pop," he said.

He said that had a "bumpy rollout" and wasn't working, but said the site is "working flawlessly now."

Obama's message was tailored toward young men, who the president said "tend to think they’re indestructible."

The president also said he appreciated sports stars, including LeBron James and Magic Johnson, who have publicly urged people to sign up for ACA coverage.