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Coons: My daughter doesn’t think Joe Biden is ‘creepy’

Vice President Biden leans in to say something to Maggie Coons after he administers the Senate oath to her father, Chris Coons (D-Del.), left, during a ceremonial swearing-in Tuesday on Capitol Hill. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

Finally, the world knows what Vice President Biden was saying to Maggie Coons, daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) in an exchange during the Senate swearing-in ceremony that went viral and struck some people as a little strange.

Coons said that nope, his daughter, who appeared to be a little uncomfortable as Biden spoke to her during the ceremonial photo-op, didn't think Biden was acting oddly.

“No, she doesn’t think the vice president is creepy. He’s known my kids their whole lives. Joe was just being thoughtful, he was leaning forward. I could hear him. He was leaning forward and whispering some encouragement to her about how when he was sworn in and his own daughter Ashley was 13 and she felt awkward and uncomfortable and he was encouraging her about how to get through a day with lots of cameras and lots of folks watching," Coons said on Fox News Sunday. "He was being Joe. He was being thoughtful, and he was being sweet. I think she is pleasantly surprised that more people have heard of her than have heard of me.”