Governor, Packers fan. EPA/TANNEN MAURY

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), in his state of the state address, managed to squeeze another dig at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R ).

“I had plenty of fun hugging owners in the stands at Lambeau Field,” Walker said.

It's a joke Walker made last week after Christie, his potential 2016 presidential rival, was photographed hugging Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in Jones's owners box after a Cowboys win. The Green Bay Packers beat the Cowboys in a playoff game Sunday. The Packers are a publicly owned team.

Walker touted what he called the “Wisconsin comeback" in the speech, citing gains in job growth, years of budget surpluses, increased test scores, a fully-funded pension system, and lower taxes.

Walker derided “top-down regulations and mandates from the federal government” and said he is working with the state’s attorney general to prepare a lawsuit challenging proposed federal energy regulations. Walker said the regulations could impact Wisconsin’s large manufacturing economy.

“We will fight to protect Wisconsin's hard-working families,” Walker said. “Instead of fighting with states like Wisconsin, the federal government should work with us to find reasonable alternatives.  We can be both environmentally and economically sustainable.”

Walker called for the consolidation of a number of state agencies, arguing that streamlining government is something that is needed at both the state and federal levels.

“Some in Washington believe government should play a growing role in our lives and rarely question its expanse.  Others have such disdain for government that they attempt to keep it from working at all,” Walker said. “Instead, we have a chance to lead here in Wisconsin.”

Walker also condemned last week's terrorist attacks in Paris.

He called for school reform legislation and a bill that would make it “crystal clear” that school districts are not required to use Common Core standards.

Walked talked a whole lot about the Packers in his speech, noting how support for the Packers transcends political, religious, and personal differences.”

He said he sat next to a guy at the Packers game who didn’t like his policies, and by the end of the game they were buddies. Walker said he told the man that everyone there was a Packers fan, regardless of viewpoints. And then he compared that fandom to support for the military.

“Here in America, support for our military transcends those same differences,” he said.

"Green and gold runs deep," he said, "Red, white, and blue runs even deeper."