SAN DIEGO -- The Republican National Committee announced here Friday a series of nine presidential debates, beginning in August in Ohio and continuing through the early primaries in early 2016.

Seeking to assert control over what had been seen as a disorderly debate season in the 2012 campaign, the GOP negotiated with broadcast and cable television news networks to sanction nine debates.

The list does not include some news organizations that have traditionally held debates, including the Des Moines Register in Iowa and the Union-Leader in New Hampshire. It also does not include MSNBC, a liberal-leaning cable news network. However, additional debates could be announced in coming months, as will conservative media partners and panelists.

(For more information about the RNC's push to take control of the debates, see Thursday's Washington Post story)

Here is the list of RNC-sanctioned debates, with television network and location:

1. Fox News, August 2015, Ohio

2. CNN, September 2015, California

3. CNBC, October 2015, Colorado

4. Fox Business, November 2015, Wisconsin

5. CNN, December 2015, Nevada

6. Fox News, January 2016, Iowa

7. ABC News, February 2016, New Hampshire

8. CBS News, February 2016, South Carolina

9. NBC/Telemundo, February 2016, Florida

Three additional debates are pending: A Fox News debate in March 2016, a CNN debate in March 2016 and a conservative media debate.