Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. speaks about raising wages during the forum AFL-CIO National Summit, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at Gallaudet University in Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Be on notice: the Elizabeth Warren 2016 shadow campaign has begun hiring staff. Well, the campaign to convince Elizabeth Warren to run has, anyway.

Democracy for America, a pro-Warren political organization, on Wednesday announced it has hired veteran labor organizer Kurt Ehrenberg as the director for the "Run Warren Run" campaign in New Hampshire. The draft campaign, which is a joint effort with Political Action, will additionally open a campaign office in Manchester, NH.

Warren has, for her part, repeatedly said that she is not running for president. And while she hasn’t ruled out a future run, she has made it very clear that she is not currently planning a White House campaign in 2016.

Still, outside groups and activists have persisted in their efforts and reporters continue wondering if she will change her mind. In December that led to a memorably tense exchange when NPR’s Steve Inskeep questioned whether she was avoiding his question by playing with tenses.

Inskeep: Would you tell these independent groups, "Give it up!" You're just never going to run.

Warren: I told them, "I'm not running for president."

Inskeep: You're putting that in the present tense, though. Are you never going to run?

Warren: I am not running for president.

Inskeep: You're not putting a "never" on that.

Warren: I am not running for president. You want me to put an exclamation point at the end?

In the meantime, DFA and MoveOn don't seem to be ready to take no for an answer.

“I’m excited to join activists all across the Granite State to ensure we live up to our proud tradition of defying expectations, upsetting conventional wisdom, and picking presidents by working to bring Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her populist progressive vision for our country into 2016’s first-in-the-nation primary,” Ehrenberg said in a statement.

Additionally, the organization has hired three field directors in the state: Jake Belanger, Diego Hernandez, and Jennica Simms. Later this month, DFA will open a second campaign office in Portsmouth, NH.