Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) declined to answer Wednesday when asked whether he believes in evolution during an event at the Chatham House think tank in central London -- eliciting a baffled reaction from the journalist moderating the session.

“I’m going to punt on that one as well,” Walker responded to the evolution question, one in a series of queries he rebuffed. “That’s a question that a politician shouldn’t be involved in one way or another.”

But Walker apparently changed his mind several hours later:

He add in a

: “It's unfortunate the media chose to politicize this issue during our trade mission to foster investment in WI."

During the appearance at Chatham House -- Walker's only public event during a four-day trip to the United Kingdom -- the potential 2016 presidential candidate also balked at answering questions on a range of foreign policy issues, including U.K. membership in the European Union, the fight against the Islamic State terror group and whether to arm Ukraine in its fight against Russia-backed rebels.

“Per being old fashioned and having respect for the president, I just don’t think you talk about foreign policy when you’re on foreign soil,” Walker said.