Vice President Biden is in Iowa Thursday - but why?

To tout the community college plan President Obama outlined in the State of the Union, of course. Oh, and mention potential presidential candidates in 2016.

Policies embraced by the presidential candidates in the other party, Biden said, as well as Democrats and others running for office in the next two years, will determine the next 10 to 15 years of the lives of the students he addressed at Drake University in Des Moines.

Biden has run for president twice before, and he has said that he's considering a third crack at the nomination. But his trip comes as Hillary Rodham Clinton is ramping up her staffing and cementing herself as the only dominant Democrat in the race.

He chuckled when asked if he is considering challenging her. "Yes,there's a chance," he said.

Biden has been engrossed in world affairs of late, attending the Munich Security Conference last weekend, where talk pivoted around Ukraine and the possibility of a peace deal that was announced Thursday.

According to CNN, Biden told a group of former campaign staffers and Iowa-based friends that he was coming to the state. So could he be planting the idea that the third campaign could be the charm?

If so there are no outward signs, meanwhile, Clinton has so far done a pretty good job of pilfering West Wing talent. White House counselor John Podesta and communications director Jennifer Palmieri are heading to Clinton's budding campaign.

Biden talked up the community college, but not after talking at length about Iowa politicians. He said his trip reminded him of "what it used be like," when Republicans and Democrats could be friends and work together. Biden said Gov. Terry Branstad, a Republican, greeted him at the airport and came on his plane and lauded former senator Tom Harkin (D).

Biden is also participating in a roundtable discussion at Des Moines Area Community College’s Ankeny Campus.

But at least one high-profile Iowa politician wants Biden to mix business with a bit of other, well, business. “When Vice President Biden comes to Des Moines this Thursday, I’m going to ask him to get in,” Branstad said. He said he is bored by “what looks like a coronation for Clinton.”

But when it comes to Democratic voters who said they also had Clinton fatigue, none mention Biden as a possible contender.