Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks European countries are being "too wimpy" in their negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson.

"One thing in particular she really wanted to get across: that was she thought the Europeans were being too wimpy in dealing with Putin," Johnson told an audience in Washington Friday morning during an event hosted by Politico.

Johnson met with Clinton, who is considering a presidential bid, in New York on Wednesday, but their gathering was not open to the press. Johnson, who is in the United States on a week-long trade mission, pointed out that the wording was his own and not a verbatim quote from Clinton.

The conversation would be interesting regardless of the context given Clinton’s influence as a former secretary of state. But against the backdrop of the 2016 presidential election, Johnson’s summary of the comments also offers a rare hint of Clinton’s current foreign policy positions ahead of her likely bid for the White House.

"She thought in particular that we in Britain should be less dependent on Russian hydrocarbons and she thought we should get on with seeking alternative sources," Johnson said during the panel. "Her general anxiety was that Putin, if unchallenged and unchecked, would continue to expand his influence in the perimeter of what was the Soviet Union. I was very, very struck by that."