Right to Rise thinks the speech went pretty well. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

MIAMI -- Some critics panned Jeb Bush's foreign policy speech this past week as a hurried and overly-broad address and suggested that the former governor is a little out of practice when it comes to public speaking.

But you wouldn't know that from a new video released late Saturday by Bush's leadership PAC, one of the first pieces of video advertising produced for an anticipated candidate so far in this political cycle.

A news release from the PAC calls the production a "web video," meaning that it isn't expected to be featured in any television advertisements -- at least not anytime soon.

The clip includes dramatic music, runs less than two minutes and features news footage recounting the growing threat of the Islamic State terror group and violence emanating from other global hotspots.

Then it cuts to Bush, who is seen speaking Wednesday to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He's shown from three different angles -- including footage shot by a videographer who was trailing Bush on Wednesday and stood just off stage during most of his speech.

Bush is seen saying that thanks to President Obama and his foreign policy, "We are inconsistent and indecisive. We have lost the confidence of our friends."

He adds later that "Someone who came to office promising greater engagement has left America less influential in the world."

The video ends with the logo for Bush's Right to Rise PAC, for which he's raising millions of dollars at a breakneck pace. Just hours after giving his speech in Chicago, Bush raised roughly $4.2 million at two events, according to organizers. This weekend he's raising millions more at fundraisers in Florida, according to people familiar with his fundraising schedule.