Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who said Tuesday he will resign from Congress.  (Seth Perlman/AP)

Thanks a lot, dad.

That's how many people probably would have reacted if they were in embattled Rep. Aaron Shock's shoes on Wednesday, a day the Illinois Republican announced his resignation from Congress, amid mounting revelations about questionable spending and documentation. In an interview with ABC7 Chicago, Schock's father, Dr. Richard Schock, suggested that his son's future could be very bright ... or not.

"Two years from now he'll be successful, if he's not in jail," said Dr. Schock.

Schock's dad vigorously defended his son. (You can watch the entire video below.) But jail? That's a destination you never want to hear anyone predict for you -- let alone someone related to you, serving as an on-air surrogate.

But apparently, Schock's parents have had prison on the brain for some time. Take a look at 2009 article this from World Magazine. (Bolding is ours):

Schock sat on the front row of the House chamber the day he was sworn in to Congress (Jan. 6) with four of his young nephews sitting around him and one draped across his lap. Family members and other supporters sat in the gallery above. In the more than two hours it took for the House to vote, member by member, to elect a speaker for the swearing-in, Schock remained quiet and solitary-not chatting with other lawmakers. Perhaps he was thinking instead about his mom, who cried when she found out he was running for Congress. She worried, he said, that politics might turn him into a crook.

Schock's image rehab may need to begin at home.