A digital strategist recently hired by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker resigned late Tuesday night amid an uproar over seemingly disparaging remarks she made about the Iowa caucuses archived from earlier this year on her Twitter feed.

News that Liz Mair had been brought onto Walker’s political action committee, Our American Revival,  ahead of an all-but-certain presidential run was first reported by CNN Monday night. By Tuesday morning, political operatives and reporters had found a series of eyebrow-raising tweets by Mair seemingly criticizing  the Hawkeye State.

That certainly didn't play well in the key early-nominating state. On Tuesday morning, the Des Moines Register published the tweets in a story with the headline: "Scott Walker's digital consultant has taken swipes at Iowa." Iowa GOP chair Jeff Kaufmann responded to the tweets Tuesday, telling the Associated Press that the comments were "not only incorrect, they're rather juvenile, they're naive, they're ignorant."

Mair issued her resignation Tuesday night.

"The tone of some of my tweets concerning Iowa was at odds with that which Gov. Walker has always encouraged in political discourse," Mair said in statement obtained by the AP. "I wish Gov. Walker and his team all the best."

[Yes, campaign media strategists...say things. Lots of things. Unfortunate things.]

Following her resignation, Mair took to Twitter to confirm that she had left Walker’s team and to clarify her tweets.

On her Twitter feed, Mair said that she would “try to rein in the snark,” but bemoaned that her tone had been used by those “who don’t want to discuss policy.” She indicated that she will continue working with her consulting firm.