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There have been 12 U.S. senators indicted while in office. Here’s a list.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) has been indicted on federal corruption charges. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File)
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New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, who was indicted Wednesday, is just the latest sitting U.S. senator charged with crimes while in office. Here is a brief overview of the 12 senators on the list, the charges they faced, and the outcomes of their cases:

1) Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) — Bribery, conspiracy, mail fraud, 2015. Awaiting trial.

2) Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) — Corruption for receiving gifts and making false statements, 2008. Conviction overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct. Lost his bid for re-election and died in a plane crash in 2010.

3) Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) Tampering with government records while serving as Texas state treasurer, 1993. Acquitted.

4) David Durenberger (R-Minn.) — Misuse of public funds, improper reimbursement for nights he spent at home, 1993. Pleaded guilty to five misdemeanors in exchange for dropped felony charges; no jail time.

5) Harrison Williams (D-N.J.) — Bribery as a result of an FBI sting that famously became known as Abscamon, 1981. At trial, Williams was seen promising (on camera) to use his influence to help an Arab sheik, who was in fact and FBI agent. Williams resigned from the Senate before he was expelled and spent 21 months in prison.

6)  Edward Gurney  (R-Fla.)  — Bribery and lying to a grand jury, 1974. Acquitted in 1976 but did not seek reelection in 1974.

7) Burton Wheeler (D-Mont.) — Conflict of interest, 1924. Accepted attorney's fees to represent a client at an Interior Department hearing. Acquitted.

8) Truman Newberry (R-Mich.) Campaign spending violations, 1919. Convicted in 1921. Conviction reversed by the  Supreme Court. Left the Senate in 1922.

9) John Hipple Mitchell (R-Ore.) Accepting cash in exchange for helping expedite land claims, 1904. Convicted. He died while his case was on appeal.

10) Joseph Burton (R-Kansas)  Bribery. Accused of accepting $2,500 from a securities firm and intervening in a mail fraud case, 1904. Convicted, and served five months in prison. Resigned from the Senate in advance of expulsion.

11) Charles Dietrich (R-Neb.)  Bribery,  1904. Acquitted in court and found innocent by the Senate.

12) John Smith (R-Ohio)  Treason for conspiring with former vice president Aaron Burr, 1807. Charges dropped after Burr was acquitted. Resigned in 1808 at the request of his home state legislature, after an effort to expel him came up one vote short in the Senate.