Former of secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton's plan to announce Sunday that she will run for president will come a day ahead another big 2016 launch: That of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Viewed one way, this is bad news for Rubio -- Clinton is upstaging the Republican senator, whose plans to kick off his presidential campaign in Miami Monday afternoon were carefully arranged by his aides weeks ago. Sure, the media will cover Rubio. But Clinton's announcement is going to attract a lot of political news attention that would otherwise be his.

Viewed another way, this is an opportunity for Rubio. He can seize the moment as a chance to showcase himself as a stark contrast to the clear Democratic frontrunner and demonstrate to voters how he would stack up against her in a general election. It's a chance to look like he's leading the charge to prevent Clinton from getting elected.

The debate was in full swing on Twitter Friday morning. Rubio's aides retweeted observations from the this-could-be-good-for-Rubio camp:

At least one observer raised the idea of a "split-screen" moment, which could be good for Rubio:

Of course, there are plenty of people in the other camp too: