Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday released a new epilogue from her latest memoir, "Hard Choices," just days ahead of the launch of her presidential campaign. And it certainly sounds like she's looking toward the future.

Throughout the new chapter – from an updated paperback version of the book, excerpted online Friday by the Huffington Post – she touches lightly on an array of issues, from her relationship with President Obama to economic mobility to childhood education.

But the most notable section comes toward the end of the epilogue, after Clinton is given a gift celebrating the birth of her granddaughter Charlotte. That leads Clinton to ponder her own life and her next steps.

“Among all the gifts and cards that arrived not long after Charlotte did was a package … [where] inside I found a red, white, and black patchwork that included panels with inspiring inscriptions and famous photos of Chelsea through the years. I held it up to the light and had to smile at the familiar images. A 'memory quilt' was a good name for it," she writes.

"I wondered for a moment what a quilt of my own life would look like. There were so many people who had taught me so much. And now I had one more. In just a few months, Charlotte had already helped me see the world in new ways. There was so much more to do. So many more panels waiting to be filled in. I folded up the quilt and got back to work.”

It's a safe bet she'll probably find several new panels to add to the memory quilt soon.