As she launches her presidential campaign this weekend, Hillary Clinton will be able to turn to a well-stocked kitchen cabinet of trusted advisers. Starting with:

Bill Clinton. Celebrating 40 years of marriage in 2015, Bill and Hillary Clinton have a professional partnership and personal bond that has endured electoral setbacks, years of public scrutiny and Bill Clinton’s infidelities. He is her constant adviser and defender, and she relies on his advice and keen political ear. Though by far the more gifted politician, Bill Clinton will stay more behind the scenes in his wife’s campaign this time.

Chelsea Clinton. Smart, intense and dedicated to both her parents, Chelsea Clinton is the heir apparent to run the charitable powerhouse Clinton Foundation and is expected to play a regular role as a policy surrogate for her mother. Bonus: Her daughter, 7-month-old Clinton grandchild Charlotte, whom the former secretary of state regularly mentions in speeches.

Cheryl Mills. Lawyerly, shrewd and among a small group of people who can tell Clinton things she does not want to hear. Mills was deputy White House counsel in the Bill Clinton administration and chief of staff to Hillary Clinton at the State Department. She made little secret that she hoped Clinton would not run again in 2016.

Maggie Williams. Among Clinton’s closest confidantes since the 1980s, Williams was chief of staff to Clinton as first lady. She was brought in to turn around the floundering 2008 campaign after a disastrous third-place finish in Iowa. Williams now runs the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Huma Abedin. Clinton’s longtime personal aide and gatekeeper. Runs Clinton’s personal office in New York and serves as a general adviser without portfolio. Clinton has told friends Abedin is almost a second daughter. Married to disgraced former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

John Podesta. Trusted Democratic strategist and fixer who held senior jobs in both the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama White Houses. Left the White House this spring to become chairman of Clinton’s campaign-in-waiting. He will be the campaign greybeard and godfather, able to quash staff infighting and deliver bad news to the candidate. Also a go-between for advisers more closely associated with Bill Clinton’s political orbit.

Minyon Moore. Longtime Democratic strategist who was a political adviser to Bill Clinton and maintains a tight friendship with Hillary Clinton. She is a consultant with the Dewey Square Group, which is closely associated with the political networks of both Clintons.

Neera Tanden. Veteran aide to Hillary Clinton who heads the liberal Center For American Progress co-founded by Podesta. Currently serving as an unofficial economic adviser.

Jake Sullivan. As the top foreign policy adviser to Clinton at the State Department, the fiercely smart, easy-going Sullivan traveled nonstop alongside Clinton and became among her most trusted aides. Expected to play a senior advisory role on foreign policy and general strategy in the campaign. Currently teaching at Yale.

Robby Mook. A well-regarded political aide to Clinton’s 2008 campaign, Mook went on to direct Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe’s successful gubernatorial campaign in Virginia. He is now the campaign’s manager-in-waiting, and will handle day-to-day operations. At 35, he and his “Mook Mafia” of younger operatives represent a generational shift that places significant control of the campaign in the hands of people who are not lifetime members of the Clinton inner circle.

Terry McAuliffe. The Virginia governor has been friend, fund-raiser and court jester for both Clintons since Bill Clinton’s White House days.

Philippe Reines. Clinton’s longtime press adviser and sometime attack dog, Reines is not part of the campaign inner circle this time. Now an outside consultant, Reines is expected to continue to advise Clinton from afar.