This post has been updated. 

Sen. Rand Paul released the first ad of his presidential campaign Sunday, slamming Hillary Clinton on the day she is expected to announce that she is running for president.

The minute-long spot will air on cable starting Monday in the early voting states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  The ad shows abandoned streets and homes, a poster from Clinton's 2008 campaign and news clips of protests in the Middle East.

"Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington machine. The arrogance of power, corruption and coverup, conflicts of interest and failed leadership with tragic consequences,"  it said.

"The Washington machine is destroying the American dream," the narrator said.

The ad then cuts to Paul shaking hands with voters and speaking at his campaign launch in Louisville.

"It's time for a new leader and a new way," it said, and lays out some of Paul's plans: balancing the budget, requiring lawmakers to read bills and putting term limits on politicians.

A Paul spokesman would not disclose the size of the ad buy.