Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee launched another series of hits on Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy credentials Thursday, accusing her of repeated diplomatic clumsiness, and again highlighting her 2002 vote to authorize the use of military force in Iraq.

“Don't forget that probably the biggest reason that Senator Obama, at the time, defeated Hillary Clinton in '08 was because of the Iraq war vote. That was the issue,” Chafee said on CNN. “And that's my big issue here, because we are dealing with [the] ramifications of that huge mistake that Senator Clinton made in 2002, which I did not make, and we live with it today.”

Chafee last week launched a presidential exploratory committee to weigh a run for the Democratic nomination, a move that surprised many but that could set up a foreign policy attack-dog against Clinton. Chafee -- who was serving in the Senate as a Republican at the time -- was the only member of his party that did not vote to authorize military force. (He changed his political affiliation after leaving Congress.)

When asked if a Hillary Clinton presidency would represent a third term of President Obama’s policy agenda, Chafee said that the two are “very, very different.”

The Rhode Island Democrat also criticized Clinton for a diplomatic flub with Russia, suggesting that an incorrectly labeled "reset button" Clinton presented Russia several years ago could have contributed to heightened tensions with the country.

“In the early days they tried to restart with Russia and she presented the Russian foreign minister with the restart button. And they got the Russian word wrong.  They said, 'This means over-charge,' and it was an insult,” he said. “Look what is happening with Putin and with Russia – Ukraine, selling arms to Iran – and it all could have started with the diplomatic mistake, getting the word wrong.”

The potential candidate said that he does not expect to raise nearly as much money as Clinton if he decides to run, but said he takes comfort in knowing that “America loves an underdog.”

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