LANSING, Mich. -- Looking for a good summer read? Jeb Bush has some suggestions.

Visiting a bioscience company here  Thursday, the presumed presidential candidate was asked if he could recommend any good books. He named a few.

"I’m actually reading Paul’s letters right now, which I haven’t read in awhile," he said, referencing biblical passages.

"I’m not sure that fits your spiritual views, but it’s pretty good reading," he added. "The Bible, I read it when I go to church but I haven’t read it from cover to cover and I’m starting to do that. I recommend it. Particularly if you want to get your architecture straight, your life kind of centered, that would probably be the best book ever written."

"Now, if you don’t like that, if you want to be depressed about things, then Charles Murray has written a book called 'Coming Apart' which is a very tough book," he said.

Bush has been panned in recent days by liberal bloggers for his fondness for Murray's books, which cast a generally libertarian view on the American economy and government.

But Bush had a recommendation from the left. He recommended the writings of Robert Putnam, a Harvard professor who rites from "the left perspective," Bush said. Bush said Putnam's book was about "social conditions and the lack of social and economic mobility in the country." Bush didn't mention the title, but presumably he's talking about Putnam's latest book, "Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis."

"That’s kind of nerdy but it’s an important subject," Bush added.

He also recommended "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson.

Bush is on a two-day visit to Michigan for a series of public events and private meetings.