Ron Paul, libertarian hero, three-time presidential candidate and father of senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said that his record will only help his son, who is currently running for president himself.

"It probably helps more than it hurts," the former Texas congressman said on Ora TV's "PoliticKING," when asked whether his particular brand of politics would "hurt or help" Rand Paul.

The elder Paul also said he believes his son has had a better time than he did overcoming an independent-minded bent, and that he has worked well within the establishment, unlike his father.

"McConnell has endorsed him for the presidency, so I would say that he’s done pretty good at trying to work within the Republican Party, and that’s been one of his goals," Ron Paul said of his son and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Rand Paul and McConnell have clashed recently over the Patriot Act.

"But he’s also claimed that he has to grow the Republican Party and that’s why he spent so much time on civil liberties and the drug war and how the minorities have been mistreated in the drug war, and I think that is very good," he said. "So I think that he has done quite well in that regard, but it’s also a challenge, obviously."

Ron Paul has largely stayed on the sidelines for his son's campaign, except for a non-speaking appearance at this spring's presidential announcement in Louisville, even as the Kentucky senator looks to tap into his father's old campaign network in early voting states.

This post has been corrected. Ron Paul rand for president three times, not two.