MANCHESTER -- Donald Trump doesn't make his 2016 presidential announcement until Tuesday, but things are already up and running at his New Hampshire headquarters.

On Thursday, The Washington Post and NH1 News were the first news organizations to visit the Trump Exploratory Committee's Granite State offices.

It's no Trump Tower.

It's  on Granite Street, in a modest office building on the west bank of the Merrimack River. But inside, about 10 Trump aides and volunteers were busy making calls and  Trump signs.

"We're not 100 percent up and running, but we've got folks here almost every day making calls to promote Mr. Trump's events in-state, helping us find folks interested in endorsing him once the announcement comes out," Trump state director Matt Ciepielowski said.

Volunteer Karl Zahn was busy drawing homemade Trump signs.

Zahn said he's backing Trump because "I think he's a refreshing change from politicians. I'm obviously conservative, but I am of the belief that a politician from either party is not going to save this country. We have difficult choices to make. Painful choices. And if we're not going to change it, I'd like to go down swinging at least, with a bloody nose, and I think Donald Trump might be the guy to do that for us."

Trump's flirted twice before with White House runs. But this time, he's doing things he's never done before. He launched the exploratory committee, hired staff in New Hampshire and Iowa and has made numerous visits to the two that kick off the presidential primary and caucus calendar.

Asked whether he's concerned that Trump may not announce  Tuesday that he's running for the GOP presidential nomination, Zahn said: "I'd like to think I'm not here making posters for nothing. Yeah, I think this is the deal. This is the rodeo ride this time, so looking forward to it, it should be exciting."

If you need more proof of which way Trump's leaning, just check out the parking lot outside the office building. Three spaces have TRUMP painted in large white letters.