In two days, Jeb Bush will hold a formal announcement of his presidential plans. On Saturday morning, he released a video previewing some of what we can expect.

"Today and Tomorrow," released as Hillary Clinton's campaign held its first major rally, shows Bush greeting voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere. There's also shots of Bush visiting a school, with education promising to be a big part of the former governor's campaign message.

Separately, Bush's aides are circulating talking points to surrogates who might be quoted or appear on television or radio on his behalf in the coming days.

A few things stick out: First, Bush is expected to present plans to create 19 million new jobs -- a specific figure we haven't heard before.

Secondly, Bush is expected to talk often about a need to "disrupt Washington." That's seen as a direct knock on the four GOP senators running for president -- Ted Cruz (Tex.), Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.).

Finally, it looks like Bush plans to strike specific themes at separate stops during the week in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.

In New Hampshire, he'll discuss his job growth plan; in Iowa he'll touch on the "disrupt Washington" theme; and in South Carolina he's expected to discuss his belief that the United States needs to "reengage the world."

The full talking points document, obtained by The Washington Post, can be found here.