Jeb Bush appeared Tuesday night on NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to "slow jam" the news.

The appearance on America's highest-rated late night program allowed Bush, who held a spirited, diverse rally in Miami on Monday, to give a roughly four-minute synopsis of his announcement speech to Fallon's late-night audience.

In the past, the "Slow Jam" routine has usually included Fallon and "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams summarizing news events. Williams would read off a few news headlines and Fallon would twist his words into a sexually suggestive aside.

Fallon and Bush kept true to the routine Tuesday night.

Best if you watch it for yourself, with a polite warning that some of what Fallon and Bush "slow jam" might not be entirely acceptable for some work places.

At one point, after Bush spoke a few words in Spanish, Fallon snapped back: "Hold the telefono. I know you just got back from Miami but I didn't think I was interviewing Gov. Pitbull."

Bush taped his appearance on the show Tuesday afternoon after a midday rally in New Hampshire. On Wednesday, he's slated to hold two events in Iowa as he continues his week-long kickoff tour.

During a separate interview segment, Fallon asked Bush about his unique nickname -- Jeb stands for Bush's full formal name, John Ellis Bush. Fallon also asked about how the former governor met his wife, Columba.
Bush shared that when he met her while on a high school exchange trip in Mexico, "I fell in love at first sight. ... It was a knockout moment, it was like lightning hit."

Fallon asked whether Bush speaks Spanish at home in Miami.