Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has formed a "testing the waters" fundraising committee, taking yet another formal step toward officially announcing a run for president.

"After winning three elections in four years and implementing big, bold conservative reforms that changed Wisconsin for the better, Americans want to hear more about what worked in Wisconsin and how Walker's reforms can work across the country," said Rick Wiley, a top political adviser to Walker, in a statement on Thursday. "In the past several months many have urged him to run for President and he has decided to take a serious look at running."

Walker, along with his eventual campaign, will have full control over money raised by this committee. Walker has said he will not announce his decision on a run for the White House until the state budget is fully completed and signed into law, likely in early July. Republicans close to the governor say he is planning a July 13 announcement in the Milwaukee area.

The formation of this new committee was first reported by the Associated Press.

In a crowded GOP field, Walker is one of the last likely Republican candidates to have not formally announced his candidacy. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush made his announcement on Monday, followed on Tuesday by Donald Trump, the wealthy real estate magnate and television personality. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is expected to announce on June 24. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have not yet said if they will run or not.

Walker has been teeing up an expected run for president for months. In January, he formed a tax-exempt political organization, Our American Revival, that has been coordinating and paying for his extensive travel around the country, including a number of visits to Iowa and New Hampshire. In April, former top aides to Walker formed the Unintimidated PAC.