MARTHA'S VINEYARD, Mass. -- Many men would happily spend the sunny afternoon of their 80th birthday on the golf course. Few, however, would list among their partners the current president, one of his White House predecessors, and an ambassador.

But when the man celebrating is Vernon Jordan, it comes with the territory.

The civil rights leader and former adviser to Bill Clinton, now entering his ninth decade, hit the green here Saturday afternoon, accompanied by President Obama, former president Clinton and Ambassador Ron Kirk.

The foursome teed off shortly after 1 p.m. at Farm Neck Golf Club, which has become a regular haunt for the president, who is mid-way through a two-week vacation here.

Their game was largely closed to the traveling press pool, but reporters were escorted some distance from the green to catch a glimpse of the first hole.

Play was already underway and each golfer was lining up what they hoped would be their final putt. The two presidents appeared to be talking, before Obama broke off to retrieve Jordan's ball for him.

Obama -- wearing a baseball cap, white sports shirt and grey pants -- apparently succeeded in putting the ball into the hole.

Then a hatless Clinton stepped forward. He took three practice swings before apparently also succeeding. Obama collected the ball for him, too.

Both presidents are expected to attend a birthday party for Jordan tonight. Hillary Clinton is also on the guest list, and is expected to hold a fundraiser on the island tomorrow.