If you want to eat like Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, you can Google "paleo diet" and find directions. But if you want to eat like his rival Scott Walker -- the Republican governor of Wisconsin who has been consuming thousands of calories on a "eat your way around America" tour -- the rules are a bit more difficult to discern.

Here's what we can glean from Walker's various social-media accounts:

1) Eat like an American -- which means eat a lot of fast food.

2) If you're not sure if Walker would eat something, ask if it's produced in Wisconsin. If the answer is yes, you must eat it in massive quantities.

This guy is his state's most aggressive traveling salesman, so get ready to eat endless dairy products and drink cranberry juice, plus some Wisconsin-brewed beer.

Scott Walker serves Wisconsin cheese to Iowans...

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3) There is nothing more American than barbecue, so eat lots of barbecue.

Walker has a special connection to barbecue: He and his wife, Tonette, met at Saz's, a popular barbecue restaurant in Milwaukee. That's the same place where Walker proposed, and the couple stopped by for a drink on their wedding night. Walker regularly does campaign stops at barbecue joints, especially in Southern states.

Scott Walker does a local interview over sausage and biscuit sandwiches at Puckett's In Nashville.

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4) Oh, well, pizza is also pretty American, so eat lots of that, too.

When the #Packers play, I'm a nervous eater. Plenty of snacks today: pizza, pigs-in-a-blanket, chips & cheese dip...

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5) And burgers. You can't forget all-American burgers.

Something Special from Wisconsin at Sobelman's in Milwaukee (day off from brown bag lunch).

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Late lunch at Culver's. Mmmmmmm!

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6) After consuming lots of caloric, salty food, wash it down with an American-made beer.

7) But also keep tabs on your weight, which could easily balloon with this diet.

Warning: While Walker is able to eat this way and magically not gain excessive weight (well, not yet), others who go down this path could easily become one of the 2 in 3 Americans who are considered overweight or obese. Walker says that he tries to get in at least 10,000 steps per day and often goes running.

Great #Walker16 tour week through 6 states. Grabbed a quick workout earlier before church. Getting my steps in. -SW

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