Five activists have filed a lawsuit against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after an alleged assault by the billionaire's security detail during a protest in New York last week.

Several demonstrators gathered at the eponymous Trump Tower last Thursday to protest the billionaire businessman's controversial comments on immigration, which his critics have called anti-immigrant and racist. The scene turned chaotic when at least one member of Trump's security team ripped signs out of the protesters' hands.

Video footage captured by several news outlets and disseminated on television and on social media shows a security guard punching a protester in the face after the demonstrator approached the guard from behind in an attempt to retrieve his sign.

The complaint -- filed by Efrain Galicia, Florencia Tejeda Perez, Gonzalo Cruz Franco, Johnny Garcia and Miguel Villalobos -- charges that "a group of human rights activists of Mexican origin, were violently attacked by defendant Donald J. Trump’s security guards." The filing further alleges that the security detail destroyed the plaintiffs' property "for the express purpose of interfering with their political speech while they were lawfully and peacefully assembled."

After the altercation, the Trump campaign alleged that the security guard had been "jumped from behind," according to The New York Times. The campaign indicated at the time that it was itself considering filing charges against the protesters.

The suit has been brought against Trump, his campaign, his LLC, and the guards. The charges include assault, civil theft of property, and interference with political speech.

The filling is to be accompanied by a press conference outside of the New York State Supreme Court for Bronx County.