Right to Rise, the best-funded "super PAC" in the short history of such things, is finally going on the air with a TV spot promoting Jeb Bush's presidential campaign. The discerning viewer of "Real Results" will hear a narrator talking about "Jeb Bush" and watch b-roll of a factory visit and speech by someone who certainly appears to be Jeb Bush.

The even more discerning viewer will notice something missing in the image of the speech. Bush is pictured speaking behind a lectern, which features a sign that says... nothing. The sign's text has been rather crudely blurred away with a slightly lighter shade of blue than the sign itself.

Other photos of that speech reveal the placard's controversial message: "Jeb2016.com."

Why was it so important for the message to be blurred? Because, as an independent super PAC, Right to Rise cannot coordinate its paid ads with Bush’s official campaign. The appearance of his official campaign logo in a super PAC ad could suggest that the two entities were working in conjunction. In the age of the super PAC, you can tell voters that they should strongly consider voting for Jeb Bush -- but you cannot, ever, tell them that he has a website or a campaign of his own. You just have to trust them to find out for themselves.

Matea Gold contributed reporting.