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Bernie Sanders is the first candidate to reach a million donations this year, says his campaign

Democratic candidate for president, Sen. Bernie Sander’s (I-Vt.) campaign is surging, but does he even have a chance against Hillary Clinton? The Fix’s Chris Cillizza explains. (Video: Pamela Kirkland and Randolph Smith/The Washington Post)

The Democratic presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders announced Wednesday that it had received its millionth online donation -- crossing that threshold earlier than Barack Obama had in both of his presidential campaigns.

Sanders, who decries the political influence of the “billionaire class,” has generally eschewed traditional fundraising events where candidates mingle with large donors. The senator from Vermont has instead focused on raising money over the Internet, mostly in small increments.

Sanders’s announcement came just hours before the close of the latest fundraising quarter. As part of a final push, his campaign teased supporters in recent days with the opportunity to make the millionth donation to his campaign.

Obama reached one million donations in his 2008 campaign in February of that year, after the first nominating contests. In 2012, Obama’s campaign announced it had reached the mark in October 2011. Unlike Sanders, Obama also heavily courted large donors as well.

Both Sanders and his Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, are expected to make their latest fundraising totals public in coming days. During the last quarter, which ended in June, Clinton’s campaign raised $47.5 million, compared to $15.2 million by Sanders.