It's no secret Republican presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump has got a lot of cash. "I'm really rich," Trump told the crowd when he announced his run for president.

The question is, how rich?

Over the past year, users searched for Trump on Google more often than any other 2016 presidential candidate. One of the questions most frequently asked about the candidate was, "How much is Donald Trump worth?"

The answer might surprise you. Watch our video explainer to find out what it is.

Alongside his successes, the 69-year-old real estate tycoon has experienced a handful of failures. But on the campaign trail, Trump is counting on voters to overlook his bankruptcies and see him as the key to eliminating the country's mounting debt.

"What I am far and away greater than an entertainer is a businessman, and that's the kind of mindset this country needs to bring it back," the candidate said at the most recent Republican presidential debate.

"...what I want to do is put that ability into this country to make our country rich again. And I can do that, and I'm not sure that anybody else in the group will be able to do that."