Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton spoofed her reputation for caution and slow adoption of liberal positions during a cameo on “Saturday Night Live.”

Clinton gamely played a bartender named “Val” alongside cast member Kate McKinnon, who regularly plays Clinton on the show. McKinnon plays the character as comically strident and fiercely ambitious.

“I’m just an ordinary citizen who thinks the Keystone pipeline will destroy our environment,” Clinton deadpanned.

McKinnon, playing Clinton as a downtrodden candidate, noted that the position on Keystone was a long time coming.

Later in Saturday’s skit Clinton, as Val, praised the candidate’s support for gay marriage.

“I could have supported it earlier,” McKinnon, playing the candidate, said ruefully.

“Fair point,” Clinton said.

In both instances, Clinton adopted positions popular among the liberal Democratic base but did so later than other candidates, opening her to criticism that she is overly scripted and poll-conscious.

McKinnon, playing Clinton, told the bartender she is easy to talk to and cool.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that,” Clinton, playing the bartender, replied.

“I wish you could be president,” McKinnon said.

“Me too,” said Clinton.