Carly Fiorina's 2010 Senate campaign had a big problem with money.

As our colleague Robert Samuels reported, it took years for Fiorina to settle about $500,000 worth of invoices after she lost the race in California -- despite reimbursing herself nearly $1.3 million she lent the campaign. Fiorina didn't pay the widow of her pollster at least $30,000 he was owed for his last paycheck after the race was lost. He died about a month before Election Day.

Fiorina shot back at The Post story Monday, claiming The Post has lost credibility and assailing "the left and their allies in the media." Fiorina asserted that "all of our debt was paid off and everyone was paid in full."

Fiorina finally did pay back most of the balance, but not until January 2015, as she was actively exploring a presidential bid. Six weeks before The Post reported that the outstanding debts have left some former associates bitter.

According to FEC filings, a disbursement that paid the people owed was made on Jan. 12, 2015. Fiorina announced on her Facebook page that day via a Boston Globe story that she would participate in Politics and Eggs, a regular forum that has become a mandatory stop for any presidential candidate in New Hampshire, the following month.

Here is the FEC document showing that Fiorina didn't clear her campaign debt until January 2015.