LOS ANGELES — When he met Friday with the families of the nine people killed in last week’s shootings at Umpqua Community College, President Obama focused on healing and compassion.

One day later, Obama returned to his promise, made in the aftermath of the shootings, to “politicize” the gun issue, by continuing to talk about the need to change the nation’s gun laws. His remarks came at the end of a speech at a Democratic National Committee Fundraiser in the tony Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, where the president appeared to be speaking off the cuff.

“Yesterday I went to Oregon to visit with the families of the people who had been shot at this community college,” Obama said, noting that on the same day he met with them there were two more shootings in Arizona and Texas.

The president spoke about the families’ heartbreak. “Some of these families were trying to process their 18-year-old child who they had invested their lives in” being gone, Obama said. “That first week of college they were taken.”

But he quickly turned to politics, saying that living with gun violence was a “choice” the nation was making. The problem isn’t just mass shootings, he said, but the gun violence that infects many of the country’s poorer neighborhoods, where “it is easier to buy a gun than buy a book.”