Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are among the most searched-for presidential candidates on the Internet.

Martin O'Malley? Not so much.

Watch this video to see what you need to know about the former Maryland governor in 30 seconds or less.

O'Malley is an interesting character: he signed gay marriage into law in his state, worked for former Colorado senator Gary Hart during his presidential run, and played lead guitar in a Celtic rock group. But he fails to drum up as much Internet search interest as any of the other candidates taking the stage in Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate.

The former governor endorsed Clinton when she was running for the Democratic nomination against then-senator Barack Obama in 2008. Now in the past six months, he's struggled to draw Democrats' support away from her.

His tactics have ranged from stumping in early primary states, to an outright Twitter attack on his Democratic rival and some musical campaign stunts.

The night before O'Malley launched his presidential campaign he released a web video showing him picking "Hail to the Chief" on a guitar. Before that, he used mobile video streaming app Meerkat to broadcast a concert by his band.

Will O'Malley's guitar make it to the debate stage Tuesday? We'll find out.

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