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White House press secretary Josh Earnest joked Thursday that now that the Houston Astros are out of the baseball playoffs, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who was born in Canada, will have to root for another team against Earnest's beloved Kansas City Royals.

"They're ready to take on Ted Cruz's other hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays, next," Earnest said of the Royals.

Not quite. Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, about 2,100 miles from Toronto. But the dig stands. Just as some have questioned whether Obama is American -- in 2011 he released his birth certificate, showing he was born in Hawaii, to demand an end to "silliness" -- some have wondered whether Cruz is eligible to run for president because of his place of birth. Top lawyers from the George W. Bush and Obama administrations agree that Cruz can run for president because he is a "natural born citizen," due to the fact that his mother is an American citizen, born in Delaware.

Earnest said he'd make a wager over the games with Cruz.

"All I'm saying is that if Senator Cruz would like to make a bet with me about our respective hometown teams, that they know how to track me down," Earnest said.

Then it got all policy-oriented.

"With tariffs or without?" someone asked.

"Without tariffs, without tariffs. Relevant question, though, because Canada is a member of the TPP," Earnest said, bringing up the trade deal in the context of a sports bet.

Cruz's campaign declined to comment.