Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign depicted President Obama clad in a helmet and military uniform in a fundraising pitch Friday that warned supporters that the president 'is coming for your guns.'

"Friend, I own guns," he wrote in Friday's e-mail pitch. "I'm planning on keeping them. But there's a problem...Obama is coming for our guns."

The e-mail said Congress won't be able to stop the president.

"You see: Obama's aides have alerted the press that if Congress won't cooperate -- Obama will use executive actions to, "keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others who shouldn't have access to them," it reads. "Friend, by "others who shouldn't have...them," Obama means you and me."

Cruz (R-Tex.) has consistently criticized the president over his support for additional gun control measures. In the wake of mass shootings in Roseburg, Ore., and Charleston, S.C., this year, the Republican presidential contender said that Obama had exploited the tragedies as an excuse to take away gun rights.

"It’s sad to see the Democrats take a horrific crime and try to use it as an excuse not to go after people with serious mental illness or people who are repeat felons or criminals but rather try to use it as an excuse to take away the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens," Cruz told reporters in Iowa in June, days after a gunman killed nine people in a historically black church in Charleston. He made similar comments following the shooting at a Roseburg, Ore. community college earlier this month.

Following the 2012 school shootings in Newtown, Conn., where 20 children and six adults were killed, along with the gunman's mother, Cruz worked to block gun control legislation. He is still critical of the president's policy response to the incident.

"When the tragic school shooting happened at Newtown...President Obama again didn’t use it to go after violent criminals or felons ,but used it as an excuse to come after the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens," Cruz said in June of this year.