Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks Monday, Oct. 19, 2015, in Anderson, S.C. (Ken Ruinard/The Independent-Mail via AP) SENECA NEWS OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT

A super PAC backing Donald Trump solicited a Trump business acquaintance for a donation using contact information obtained from a top aide to the real estate tycoon, according to an e-mail obtained by The Washington Post.

In a Sept. 1 e-mail to a Trump acquaintance and longtime GOP donor, Mike Ciletti, a Colorado GOP operative working for the Make America Great Again PAC, suggested he was using contact information he obtained from Trump’s longtime assistant and gatekeeper, Rhona Graff.

Here is the text of his e-mail:

Subject: Trump Super PAC

If you have a moment I would like to discuss Make America Great Again, the Super PAC for Donald Trump. I apologize for reaching you at this email address, it is the one that Rhona had on file.

I am sure you have read Mr. Trump is doing great in the polls. He is leading all other candidates by double digits! Some articles discussing the polls are attached for your review. The slide in the Wilson2 article tells the picture better than anything else. Unfortunately there are roughly 4 months to go before a single vote gets cast. During that time we expect Jeb Bush to spend the better part of his $120 million of Super PAC dollars running negative ads against Mr. Trump.

Without the help of Make America Great Again, Mr. Trump will be left alone to fend off Jeb and the other candidates. While I don't doubt Mr. Trump's ability to fight back, I don't believe he should have to stand alone. If all the other candidates get to count on their friends to help out, why can't Mr. Trump?

If you have time on your calendar I would appreciate time to discuss the Super PAC. Please let me know when your schedule permits. I can be reached via this email address or on my cell phone - [redacted].

Thank you in advance for your consideration

Mike Ciletti
Make America Great Again